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Did you know that rates have increased in the state of North Carolina this year. In 2009 auto insurance rates have are 25% higher than 2008 and 2007. Now would be the perfect time to take advantage of Car Insurance Raleigh and start shopping multiple Raleigh insurance carriers. By simply starting the quote process you are on your way to finding the best auto rates available that can save yo hundreds on your car insurance premiums.

The actual average auto insurance premium for residents in Raleigh, North Carolina is $1527 in 2009; the national average is $1,766. Most of the Raleigh drivers assume that the state or even the insurance companies fix the rates so they never really try to find cheaper rates by shopping around local agencies or on the internet. You must shop around if you want to save $100, $200, $300+ on your car insurance in Raleigh, NC. can help you find car insurance rates that are competitive with discount prices that are available to you in North Carolina. On average, North Carolinians can find affordable rates and coverages that they can depend on.

Our web site is considered by our customers to be "very user friendly" and our #1 goal is to show you how much you can save on your car insurance premiums by making your online car insurance shopping process simple and easy to use. North Carolina is rated one of the least expensive states when comparing average premiums. The average expenditure for auto insurance in Raleigh, North Carolina is actually $596 a year based on 2006 data provided by the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners).

Other Car Insurance Raleigh NC Facts:

  • Liability: $342
  • Collision: $251
  • Comprehensive: $121

Given that North Carolina's state rank is 44/50, Insurance Raleigh can provide affordable rates at discount prices compared to other high premium states.

Most drivers in Raleigh are not aware that Raleigh is in the top 5 least expensive cities for automobile insurance. Raleigh is the 3rd least expensive city in the United States with an average annual auto insurance premium of $966.00. "Car insurance is more expensive in urban areas because of the higher density of traffic, increased likelihood of theft and vandalism, and greater incidence of fraud." The I-40 belt line in Raleigh is one example of high density traffic due to rush hour and high traffic speeds.

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